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Dapper Downsizing

Cohesive, Curated, Comfortable

Our client downsized from her longtime family home into a 2-bedroom condo in a new state. Talk about a transition! We wanted to provide all the "C"s in this new home: cozy, comfortable, coordinated, collected, but NOT crowded or cluttered.


In order to create a cozy vibe in this open floor plan, we brought in warm hues her in favorite colors alongside textural, luxurious fabrics, like the velvet pillows and leather sofa. We were able to recreate the sofa from when she was raising her kids, for a bit of nostalgia and comfort in this new space. Furniture with firmer, higher seats, power lift, and reclining capabilities, were important considerations for future aging in place. The beautiful, coordinating area rugs we selected for the dining and living rooms help define each space and are machine-washable and thin, for easy maintenance and avoiding tripping hazards.


Our goal for window treatments was to keep things simple and easy to use. A motorized roller shade on the door to the porch moves up and down at the touch of a button. We added faux wood blinds throughout the condo, for privacy and light control, but we repurposed the drapery panels from the previous home, for a sense of familiarity and comfort.  For this avid reader, we included beautiful bookends of Patience and Fortitude, the lions that flank the entrance to the NY Public Library, along with other sentimental and heirloom pieces, like the vintage chandelier in the dining room. We repeated shapes, colors, and materials to help build that cohesive feel in this open floor plan.

Outside on the porch, we took a completely different approach and provided an immediate escape to the beach! With this brightly-colored bistro set as the inspiration for the space, we created a fun, whimsical spot for plants and enjoying a drink with a friend!

We love how this new home came together to give that comfortable, cozy vibe without feeling crowded or cluttered; Ready to make some new memories while cherishing the old ones!

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