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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Owner's Bedroom Refresh

Soothing, Spacious, Sentimental

This bedroom just needed a few updates in order to achieve this polished, finished look and feel. 

Replacing the too-small, black side tables with more appropriately sized, off-white nightstands created a more cohesive feel. We love how the curves of the headboard are repeated (upside-down) in the nightstands! We also added more voluminous lamps for that pop of color that's still soothing and peaceful.


In this spacious bedroom, we were able to add a bench at the end of the king bed as well as a seating area. We reframed the couple's painting from their honeymoon to create a special space for them to have coffee in the morning or unwind together in the evening. 

Window treatments help make the room look completed and along with the plush bedding, add some softness to the space.

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