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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Twin Bathroom Renovations

Soothing Shower Spa: Fresh, Clean, Relaxing
Relaxing bathroom: Earthy, Sleek, Spa-like

The two upstairs bathrooms were ready for a makeover. 


We wanted each bathroom to have a distinct look and feel, but also relate to one another and be cohesive with the home. Both bathrooms get a lot of use so it was important to meet the client's needs around aesthetics and functionality. 

We designed the same custom, sleek, floating vanity for both bathrooms, but specified different finishes. By bringing the sinks in closer to the center of each vanity, we made better use of the countertop space and made them feel more connected. To enhance the "spa" vibes, we designed open cubbies on each end to showcase rolled towels with lots of texture. The under-cabinet lighting (on a dimmer of course!) and floating vanity style help make these long, narrow bathrooms feel wider. We added floating shelves in the same finish as each vanity, to display items that add color, texture, and interest.

For the "Shower Spa" bathroom in gray and white, we designed a large shower with a bench and lighted niche (also on a dimmer)! The "Earthy Tub" bathroom, in creamy brown hues, received a soaker tub and beautiful sliding glass door. We love how the spaces feel connected through the sinks and wall mounted faucets on their vanities, but have their own personality through the color palette and fixtures. 

Which one is your favorite?

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