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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Teen Hangout space

Rock & Roll, Spacious, Fun

We took this attic from Unfinished to Awesome!


When your teenager plays the drums, they need a separate space! We created a designated space for jam sessions and added in other elements for a cool space to watch tv, read, and hangout with friends. The bar can be moved into the center of the room for parties, or stay put as seating when the band puts on a practice performance. (The recessed lights create a stage-light effect just over the drums!)

We added a unique, ombre art installation that also doubles as a sound diffuser (and helps keep the peace with the neighbors!) The sound absorption panels are reminiscent of large speakers, adding to the Rock & Roll vibe in the space. 

With two built in bookcases and window seat drawers, there's tons of storage and room to display amazing lego creations. We even built a large closet that not only holds all the holiday decorations (and then some) but also helps designate this area. Throw in the mini-fridge and everybody's happy!

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