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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Beautiful Bedroom Sitting Area

Elegant, Cozy, Relaxing

We needed to increase the seating capacity in this space and wanted to create a feeling of relaxed luxury.

What did we do?


  • Diminished the impact of the access doors by painting them the same color as the walls and replacing the hardware

  • Added lots of lighting (say it with me:"all on a dimmer!")

  • Designed custom shades for the bedroom area, and custom drapes for the sitting room area

  • Incorporated natural elements throughout the space


We especially love the bespoke art over the gorgeous, velvet, tuxedo sofa! The tufting and the bolster pillows add a little luxury but it’s still very casual and cozy. Plus, the white velvet looks fantastic against the blue walls.


Overall, we enhanced the bedroom to feel brighter and more inviting, so that our clients could more comfortably relax, watch tv, and hang out with their pets!

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