Frequently Asked Questions

Can I shop on my own?

Since IHI has been hired to design a complete vision for your space, we ask that clients do not select or purchase items on their own. This is because the selection may not be a fit for the cohesive vision, design, space, or budget. This could also lead to additional fees due to the added time it may take to incorporate this new item into the overall Design Plan.

Can I change my mind after an order is placed?

Once ordered, most items cannot be returned or cancelled. However, IHI will partner with suppliers to secure a return or cancellation if possible. Clients may be responsible for supplier restocking fees and/or penalties. Custom orders are non-refundable.

When are payments due?

Just like purchasing items in a store or online, advance payment is required for all design services and products. IHI accepts online payments via PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. For some projects, IHI can also accept payments via check.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We kindly request 24 hours’ notice, or you may still be billed for the missed appointment.

What services does IHI offer?

Inspired Home Interiors provides professional Interior Decorating and Interior Paint Color Consultation services. Full Service Interior Decorating, typically for 1-2 rooms at a time: - Create space plans for beautiful rooms that function for how YOU live in them - Specify items that are a fit for your needs and your style: paint, wallpaper, flooring, hardware, furniture and upholstery, window treatments, lighting, art, and accessories - Procure items on your behalf so you can spend time doing what you love while IHI manages the details - Collaborate with contractors to take that weight off your shoulders - Manage delivery and installation so your Design Plan is executed smoothly "Color Perfect" Interior Paint Color Consultation: - Discuss your color preferences, decorating style, and painting needs as we walk through your home together - Select your perfect color palette for walls, ceilings, trim, and/or cabinets - Provide you with large samples of all your final selections, along with a written Color Plan for each room Click here for the specifics on each service!

Will there be Before and After photos of my space?

Yes! Not only is it fun to look back at your home's transformation, IHI may use these photos for our portfolio, website, or other social and print media. (IHI will not disclose any client address or full name.)

Do you work with contractors and trade professionals?

Yes! IHI can connect you with local professionals for work needed as a part of your Design Plan (painters, electricians, carpenters, etc.) If you already have a favorite contractor in mind, we are happy to coordinate with them. All contracts for this type of work will be directly between you and the contractor.

Where does IHI source their products?

IHI is able to purchase items from a variety of retail locations, so if there's an item you've fallen in love with, we can get it! Additionally, IHI has access to furnishings and accessories that aren't available in retail stores and only sell direct to folks in the interiors biz. This exclusive access allows IHI to provide high quality items at competitive retail (or better) prices!

What if an item arrives damaged?

IHI is your one point of contact for everything ordered through us. We'll work with the supplier to get you a replacement as quickly as possible. For items delivered directly to you, we ask that they are opened and inspected within 24 hours of receipt and that any damages are reported to IHI immediately.

How long do projects normally last?

This depends on the scope of the project and what types of items are included in the Design Plan. - The Design Plan phase is typically just a few weeks. - The time for items to be delivered, or for custom items to be constructed, will vary from supplier to supplier. - The time for installation will depend on what work is being done. If we're only adding furniture and art this may be just 1 day. If we're adding electrical, painting, installing built-ins, bringing in new furniture, and hanging draperies it may be a few weeks to complete.

How much should I plan to invest in my space?

Of course, your budget will vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the room, how much you want to add/change versus keep, and your style. If you have large rooms, a maximalist design style, or select mostly custom pieces, prices will be on the higher end. Our budget guidelines below give realistic price ranges for furnishing beautiful, long-lasting, completed spaces. Wherever you land, IHI will work within your budget. We can help determine the pieces to invest in and the areas where it makes sense to conserve. Our budgeting tips: 1. Keep in mind that a completed space will include furniture, lighting, wall coverings, window treatments, flooring, pillows, plants, art, and accessories. 2. Research your favorite styles and note the prices of items. 3. Set your dream goal for what you’d like to do in the space. Then consider what feels like a comfortable price for each item and add it up. Whittle it down as needed. 4. Be aware of any renovation and installation labor costs that may need to be added. 5. Plan a little extra for the unexpected surprises along the way. Download our Free Budgeting Workbook to help determine your total investment amount for your project.

Is hiring an interior decorator right for me?

You want a comfortable, beautifully furnished and decorated home that truly works for your family. But, it takes a lot of time and is tough to know where to start, what to buy, and how to pull it all together. Hiring a certified interior decorator takes this weight off your shoulders and saves you from wasted weekends shopping all over town or getting lost down Pinterest rabbit holes. A professional interior decorator can solve your "option overwhelm" and may even introduce you to the perfect solution you didn't know was available. At IHI, we provide an easy process to deliver the gorgeous home you deserve. We'll create a harmonious space around YOUR needs, style, and budget. We will prepare 3D renderings of your well-designed space so it's easier to visualize how it will all come together. We'll handle the sourcing and purchasing of items from our large network of suppliers, and we can even manage the contractors during installation. When we're done, you'll be able to enjoy and maintain your transformed space and soak up all the compliments from your friends!

What are your fees?

Interior Decorating fees vary depending on the particulars for your space and the Design Service you choose. After we’ve met a few times to nail down the scope of your project, IHI will provide a customized proposal with a flat fee. (No surprises with hourly billing here!)

How do I get started?

The first step is scheduling your Free 30-minute Design Discovery Call here. We’ll chat though your design needs and ideas to get a sense of the scope of your project, timeline, and budget. We’ll review IHI's design process and determine which service is the right fit for what you want to accomplish in your home.