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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Multipurpose Loft

Built-In Home Office: Spacious, Approachable, Adjustable
Music Lounge: Cozy, Polished, Conversational

After 5 years in their home, our clients were ready for some help to finally figure out how to make their loft space feel right and really work for their multipurpose needs.

The home office area felt cramped, cluttered, and dark. As his primary workspace, and her occasional WFH space, they really needed an update.


So, what did IHI do?

  • Relocated his home office to the larger side of this multipurpose loft 

  • Expanded the desk space with an adjustable height desk and cord-control solutions for a clear workspace

  • Designed this built-in bookcase to include much-needed closed storage areas 

  • Incorporated open shelving to showcase his prized items and keep resources within a quick reach

  • Added a second desk space / landing zone for her occasional use to WFH, pay bills, and charge her laptop

  • Installed a beautiful piece of art, as if they were looking through a window


Now, this home office has the executive presence and approachable feel they wanted, and the space for everyone that they needed. Plus, it's a gorgeous sight as they walk up the stairs to the open loft area!

The guitar practice space felt empty and wasn't inviting for the couple to spend time together there. So, we created a music lounge on the other side of the room. We carried colors and materials across the entire loft in order to maintain a cohesive feel.


With the overall farmhouse vibe of the house, a shiplap accent wall just made sense. We amped it up by painting it black and hanging this amazing metal mirror piece. 

What else did IHI do?

  • Incorporated new pieces alongside existing pieces the couple still enjoyed

  • Brought in side tables reminiscent of drums, to add to the music lounge vibe

  • Included a cozy, velvet green chair for a comfortable, conversational setup

  • Increased the lighting by adding recessed lights

  • Created a better storage solution for his guitars

We love how beautifully the space came together, met all their needs, and reflects their style!

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