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4 Steps to a Stylish, Organized Closet

Our Proven Process to Organize and Color-Coordinate Your Closet!

matching wooden hangers
Move everything onto matching hangers

1. Upgrade your hangers

Get rid of the mismatched hangers and move everything onto a white or beige velvet hanger. This includes pants that can hang using clips.

Creating a blank canvas like this allows the clothing to take center stage when color coordinating.

2. Group like items together

Hang like items together and all facing the same way on the hanger. For example, hang all your blouses together, separate from your cardigans, separate from your dresses.

3. Embrace the Rainbow

Within each grouping, put the items in order by the colors of the rainbow, then black, gray, white, brown. This method makes your closet not only pleasing to look at, but makes putting together outfits easy and fun!

4. Display purses and bags

If you have the space, face all of your bags and purses forward so you can easily see which one you want to use and enjoy the view of the others in the meantime. You bought them all for a reason - enjoy those beautiful bags even when they're not in use!

custom closet shoe and belt section
Shoes and Belts organized in Custom Closet with window and bench

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Happy Designing!

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