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Take your home decor from Winter to Spring

Spring is here! Open the windows and enjoy that fresh air (and air out the winter funk in the kids' rooms)!

Here are 5 quick ideas to freshen things up with Spring home decor:

1. Swap out throw pillows and blankets

Put those heavy cable knits away and bring out the lighter, brighter materials!

throw pillows from winter to spring

2. Switch up your centerpieces and wreaths

Bag up the winter potpourri for next year and roll out the florals!

3. Add live plants

Did your indoor plants make it through the winter? No judgement here but now's a good time to redeem yourself. Bring the outside in by adding succulents and fresh flowers (and follow the watering directions).

welcome home vignette
"Welcome Home" vignette

4. Update your "welcome home" vignette

What's a "welcome home" vignette? Stay tuned for another post! But in the meantime, here's an example for your spring home decor:

5. Change up your home scent

It's time to put away the pine-scented candles and vanilla hand soap. Bring in spring scents like white gardenia and peony. Hand soaps, diffusers, and even stovetop potpourri can make it feel like spring indoors, without the pollen.

Small changes like this can have a big impact!

How are you welcoming Spring indoors?

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