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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Romantic Spa Bath

Relaxing, Clean, Bright

The BEFORE master bathroom was remodeled but neglected the finishing touches needed to elevate and complete the space.


These clients needed privacy but wanted to maintain the natural light coming in from the window. So, we designed a custom window treatment to accomplish both. The dusted leaf window film and romantic, sweeping sheers set the stage for the rest of this spa-like environment.


Building on the existing remodel, we added items like the dip-dyed stool and honeycomb shelves to connect all the elements together. We selected art, greenery, and decorative objects to inject some soothing color and depth in a meaningful way for this couple. 


It was a joy to create interest in this relaxing space, and still provide the privacy and function they desperately needed.

Now, time for a soak in the tub!

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