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BEFORE and AFTER slide show

Welcoming Foyer

Bright, Collected, Functional

The BEFORE foyer wasn't the "welcome home" our client wanted, nor was it working for her needs. A world-traveler, she loves bold, primary colors and wanted a Medieval/Mediterranean vibe to greet her each day.


Working within a tight timeline, we kept the fixed elements in place and warmed up the space with a one-of-a-kind area rug. We moved the wall hanging from her honeymoon to another wall, in order to better fit the space, and added a large, abstract painting with the colors she loves to serve as a conversation piece.


Now she has a place to take off shoes, drop a bag, and place incoming and outgoing items for errands. We love how the curves on the medieval-inspired bench are mimicked in the console table. The Spanish Tile-inspired mirror and accent pieces pull it altogether for the beautiful, functional, bright "welcome home" she deserves!

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