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Guest Room Must-Haves

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

They've traveled all the way to your home and you've jam-packed their visit with lots of fun ideas. Make sure they have a comfortable place to unwind and rest.

Ensure a comfortable stay for your guests with these 8 tips!

ornate carved headboard, queen bed, round night stands, white lamps, white bedding, sheer curtains, guest room window treatment, bookshelf, live plant, extra blanket, lots of pillows
Cozy guest room

1. Supply a variety of pillows and extra blankets

It can be difficult to get a good night's sleep in a strange bed. Some folks sleep hot and others are always cold. Some like to sleep with a firm, supportive pillow and some want to sink into a soft one. (And then we have the weirdos like me that often sleep without a pillow but with a ton of blankets!)

Be prepared with a variety of layers and options so everyone feels comfortable in your guest room.

  • Use a mix of firm and soft pillows so your guests can select which is best for them.

  • Include large Euro pillows so guests can comfortably sit up and read in bed to unwind from their day.

  • Keep extra blankets in the room so guests can add in extra layers for a cozy slumber.

  • Toss in some decorative throw pillows and you have a beautiful bed with all the comforts of home!

guest room bed, white and grey bedding, blue bedside table, white lamp, tissues, coasters, trash can
Be prepared with tissues and coasters!

2. Put out coasters

Lots of folks like a glass of water next to their bed at night or NEED their coffee in order to get up and get dressed in the morning! Set coasters out in advance so your furniture is protected and guests feel comfortable with where to place those glasses and mugs.

3. Have a box of tissues handy

Maybe they've come for an emotional event or it's just allergy season. No matter the reason, don't make your guests schlep to the bathroom for a tissue. Have a box open and ready, right in their room.

4. Add a trash can

Give your guests a convenient place to throw out the tag from that new dress, the boarding pass they no longer need, and other trash by having a trash bin handy, right in their room.

5. Keep surfaces clean and clear

Don't crowd the night stands and dresser tops with tons of decor. Leave this space open for guests to easily set out their toiletry bags, phone chargers, reading material, clothes for the next day, and additional items they brought along.

guest room bed, side table, lamp, full-length mirror, luggage rack
Full-length mirrors are a must!

6. Include a full-length mirror

There's usually an event when guests come to stay. Perhaps she bought a new dress to wear for the occasion or he needs to see which pants look best. Make sure there's a full-length mirror in the guest room to make getting ready for the big event easy.

7. Write out the Wi-Fi account and password

Everyone will ask for it so have it written out and handy for guests to easily get connected to your Wi-Fi.

8. Consider the window treatments

Make sure your guests aren't worried about privacy while they're changing by adding window treatments to your guest room. Shades with privacy liners and room-darkening drapes are fantastic options to allow guests to let the light in during the day and then set the right mood when it's time to sleep.

BONUS: provide a suitcase stand and open closet space

Lot's of folks store items in their guest room closet. However, try to save some space for your guests to hang clothes they don't want wrinkled. Even better, also supply a luggage stand to make packing and unpacking easier!

Most importantly, enjoy the visit :)

Happy Hosting!

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