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4 Tips for a Relaxing Bedroom

For a relaxing bedroom that truly functions for your needs, start with these design tips!

1. Dig into what "relaxing" means for you

Everyone is different and "relaxing" can mean different things for different folks.

Does "relaxing" mean there's a chair for reading by a window for quiet solitude?

Is it a soothing color palette you have in mind?

Is it all about plush, cozy bedding for lazy Sunday snoozes?

The first step is really digging into how you want to feel in your space and how that can be manifested.

2. Think through how you want to use the space, and ensure it's easy to do

What will you be doing in this space - reading in bed? yoga/meditation?

If you're trying to read at night without proper lighting or if you have arthritis and can't comfortably reach the switch to turn lights on and off, it can be a stressor rather than a relaxing activity. If you have to move the furniture each time you want to do your yoga practice, that's not ideal either.

Purposefully designing a space around each of these needs is important.

Make sure the nightstand lamps are the right size and brightness for reading at night.

Put all the lamps on 1 remote that's easy to control.

Create a designated space for yoga/meditation time that's easy to move right to.

3. Make it personal

The bedroom should connect to the people that use the space.

There's a reason folks sleep better at home; it feels like home!

Adding items personal to the occupants will help create a relaxing atmosphere. This could be family photos or favorite pieces of art, colors or details that remind you of your honeymoon or a favorite destination, or even cozy spots for pets to spend time with you too.

4. Keep it tidy

Clutter is just not relaxing.

Incorporating a place for everything, so that everything can be in its place, reduces clutter and allows for a relaxing space.

  • Closed storage is always a winner in a bedroom versus open, visible storage.

  • Use nightstands with drawers instead of open shelving to hold your stack of books and bedside needs.

  • Keep furniture tops mostly clear and reduce the number of knick knacks on display.... save that for an entertaining/family space.

Tidy space = Tidy mind = Relaxing bedroom

Creating solutions that address all of these needs is what leads to a relaxing space that truly functions.

Happy Designing!

If you need help pulling together your relaxing bedroom (or any other space in your Midlothian, VA area home), contact us!

Our complimentary, 30-minute call is the best place to start:

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