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How to mix fabric patterns

Follow these 2 easy rules when it comes to mixing patterns, in order to achieve a harmonious, coordinated look:

1. Stick to 3 patterns:

* Geometric: simple lines and shapes that are repeated

(examples: stripes, polka dots)

* Organic: nature-inspired, more difficult to see the repeated pattern

(examples: flowers, leaves)

* Solid/Small Scale Geometric: solid color or a very small geometric pattern

Pro Tip: Start with the pattern you love the most and branch out from there to fill in all 3

2. Ensure the 3 patterns overlap with color to tie them together

Here's an example:

sitting area vignette with geometric patterned chair
This sitting area has lots of patterns and textures livening up the space!

3 Patterns, Overlapping with color:

  1. Geometric = the green and white chair

  2. Organic = the floral lumbar pillow with greens and blues

  3. Solid = the blue drapes

Voila! A cohesive, interesting design with perfectly mixed patterns 🤩

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